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     Corentin Barro, born in Geneva in 1996 and a graduate of the Bern University of the Arts (HKB), is a multi-faceted percussionist-drummer who has grafted himself onto various artistic worlds: contemporary music, jazz, contemporary dance, improvised music, circus...

He obtained his Bachelor's degree in contemporary classical percussion from Brian Archinal, Jochen Schorer and Christian Hartmann in 2019. His Master's in Composition Creative and Practice was taught by Cathy Van Eck, Xavier Dayer, Simon Steen-Andersen and Stefan Prins.


     As much at home with drumsticks, bows or marimba mallets, homemade faggots as with microphones in his hands, Corentin also juggles with electronics and turntablism, constantly inviting the contemporary music from which he originates to meet the popular culture with which he mainly rubs shoulders. Corentin is a member of several ensembles, including the Romanesco Duo, a percussion duo and experimental musical theater, the Basson-Poireau stilt duo, Tzupati Orchestra, a Balkan music ensemble, Octante-et-Onze, an omnivorous music quartet, and BMC 3io, an improvised music trio.

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