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© Samuel Bosshardt

Tzupati Orchestra

Balkan music, klezmer, ska

As the brass rumbles, the strings vibrate and the winds resonate, they have only one thing on their minds: to get you dancing!

Heads capsize and hearts soar, the night is filled with voluptuousness, bodies warm up and everything loosens up as soon as the first notes burst forth. A frenzied gipsy melody, mischievous accomplice of the first feverish dance steps, projects in all directions this incomparable energy which seems to make the Tzupati Orchestra float above the stage.

This is indeed the thunderous release of their debut album Half a Dozen, an immortal trace of demonic arrangements and brand-new compositions!

You too can join the Tzupati Orchestra for an evening of colorful hues!


Half a Dozen: the new album by Tzupati Orchestra, recorded in 2022 and released in May 2023. Combining arranged traditional music and personal compositions, this album is a journey with hues as colorful as its cover.


Flute, piccolo: Ludmila Mercier

Clarinet: Rebecca Minten

Trombone: Pere Molines Tur

Double bass: Ulysse Loup

Drums: Corentin Barro

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