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© Elia Huber

Romanesco Duo

Musical theater, contemporary percussion

Romane Bouffioux and Corentin Barro are both percussionists who met at the Bern University of the Arts. They are passionate about contemporary music and musical theater. Their performances are characterized by humor, stagecraft and artistic ideas. The sympathy, complicity and understanding that emanate from them, put under the spotlight, create poetic spaces. From the outset of their research and work, they have been interested in the rules and principles of musical theater, which has enabled them to constantly reflect on the stage as a creative, laboratory space. They never think of the stage as a mere musical space.

The draisienne in all its states

La draisienne dans tous ses états is a piece of musical theater, composed and performed by Romanesco Duo, with the bicycle at its heart, that everyday object we know so well... this piece tells the story of the bicycle, its place in society, its origins and offers a completely new discovery of its sonic possibilities.


Are we sure we know it? What is its history? Its place in society? Its origins? Have we ever heard the different noises and sounds that this means of locomotion can produce?

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© Erwin Fonseca

Popular Context Show (2022)

The show Popular Context is an assemblage of various pieces of contemporary music and personal compositions, some of which have been rearranged by the duo, with the addition of video, or adapted to be played as a duo.

Popular Context aims to appeal to different audiences, and to take contemporary/experimental music out of its box and make it more accessible, less elitist. The duo is convinced that this music does not require a "warning" from the public, but rather seeks to lead the less knowledgeable to discover a new universe, a different way of thinking about a concert, a different way of approaching written music, and a redefinition of the principle of the instrument.

© Stanislas Pili
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