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Ils Perdent Le Nord !?

      What is this strange universe? Blurred, almost disquieting, coming from afar and giving the impression of approaching with great strides. A microphone hanging from the ceiling, quoting Steve Seich's 'pendulum', picks up the muffled vibrations of levitating tom-toms, activated by hands and drumsticks hidden in the half-light. These low, droning sounds become louder and louder, increasingly modified and processed by guitar effects pedals. You can hear the distant, noisy murmurings of a psychedelic rock band...



Even Pire is an experimental musical theatre show that mixes different sounds with analogue instruments and machines. This analogue research is central to the creation of sound. The use of guitar effects pedals, record players and tom-toms. This gives the performers constant control over the sound they produce, allowing them to adapt to different spaces and moments in the room.

The round shape of the vinyl and tom-toms is a red thread that allows the dramaturgy to play with repetition ("loop"), slowing down time and speeding it up. Some of the musical quotations spice up the mime scenes, highlighting certain musical stereotypes. 

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